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Some years ago, in order to avoid the difficulty of trying to set a date to suit everyone, a motion was passed to set the AGM date as the first Friday in March.

2016 AGM will be on March 4th at 7:30pm. Mark you diary!




North American Championship as part of LYRA at Whitby YC July 30-31



Lake Ontario Championship  13 - 14 August at Frenchman's Bay YC



Welcome to the 
Viking 28 Association 
Home Page

The object of the Association is to foster and encourage the Viking 28 as a club racer, a One-Design racer and also as an affordable family cruiser. This site is intended to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, experience and information. It also constitutes the news medium for the Association. Feel free to create an account, logon and use the pages exclusive to the members.

Association Officers

President :.....................Roger Jubinville

Vice-President :.................Sandy McGill

Secretary/Treasurer :.......Carolyn Eaton

Webmaster...................Andrew Sensicle

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Airborne 2 Berserk
Crown Royal Eclipse
Tsunami II Lulu 2
Blithe Spirit Cheetah
Keldy Windchaser
Saga Whiteout

The North American Viking 28 association was founded in 1971 with the objectives:

A/ To promote and develop V-28 class racing under uniform rules and to maintain the features of the V-28 for the Corinthian Yachtsman. And

B/ To promote the use of the V-28 as a family boat for recreational sailing.

The boat is the 28 foot 2 inch fiberglass sloop, designed by Cuthbertson and Cassian Company  Limited and manufactured by Ontario Yachts, to this certified design. It gained quick acceptance as it was fast, a joy to sail and relatively inexpensive owing to the fact that you could purchase it either factory finished or  in various stages of completion, as a kit. Several fleets grew up notably the one at The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. They spread across the continent such that now we have records of V-28s from Oklahoma City to Great Slave Lake and from Shediac New Brinswick to Vancouver Island. The design was picked up by a Britsh company, Anstey Yachts Ltd, who produced them as the Trapper 28. Inevitably, the desire for standing headroom overcame the joy of sailing a V-28 and the Class began to decline.

The Association was saved from extinction in1989 by Dave Smith of Crown Royal and about 4 other owners who chipped in their help and $20. Each year since then we have grown a little, had an AGM, chipped in the $20 and held at least two Regattas. In 2002 for the first time we had 5 Viking events. The money is quite voluntary and unnecessary for anyone too distant. All owners, crew or interested would-bees are very welcome, particularly so if you contribute to the general body of knowledge, wisdom, photos or anything else of interest.

Oronhyatekha Cup Races at Prince Edward Yacht Club



We have produced some decals for the coach roof side. They cost us $16 a pair, they are free with a $20 sub to V28 Association.


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